Pakistan Floods

Swiss Pakistan Society's Appeal:
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Pakistan is facing one of the worst flooding in living memory. Torrential rains are devastating large parts of the country. Several hundred have died and hundreds of thousands have fled, as entire villages have been washed away by floods and landslides. One of the hardest hit regions has been Pakistan's northwest.

Swiss Pakistan Society has decided to launch a Donation Collection Campaign to assist the victims. Presently we are evaluating the situation and formulating our strategy. At this point we recommend our support to Edhi Foundation which is involved in feeding and sheltering the victims. We assure you that your donations will reach the needy in the most efficient manner.

Kindly send your donations to:
Swiss Pakistan Society
Habib Bank AG Zurich
Account No.160074
IBAN: CH08 0878 9112 0011 6007 4
Bank Code 8789
Reference: FLOOD 2010 (please do not forget to mention this reference)

Donation appeal by other organisations:

Pakistan Flood in Numbers: (as of 13.08.10)

More than 1600 people are killed, 7 million have gone homeless and 14 million are affected (8% population, about twice the size of Swiss Population) out of which 6 millions are children. About 150’000 square kilometres land (3.5 times the total area of Switzerland) is affected by rising water. 722’000 houses are destroyed or damaged, 4’700 villages have been wiped, and many are inaccessible due to destroyed bridges. 1,400,000 acres (570,000 ha) of cropland was destroyed, 2 million bales of cotton destroyed and 500’000 tons of wheat is ruined (equal to annual wheat production of Switzerland). (Sources: NDMA, UN, UNICEF& Voice of America)

UN Information on Pakistan Flood :

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