Asif Ali Khan & Party Qawwal, a musical evening of Qawwali from Pakistan

In Geneva
02 December 2005, 20:00hr.
Alhambra Concert Hall
10, rue de la RĂ´tisserie

Reservation: 022 9190490
Ticket purchase: Service Culturel Migros,
7 rue due Prince, Geneva (mon-fri 10h-18h)

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A part of the revenue will be donated for the relief of the Pakistan earthquake survivors to Swiss Solidarity account number CCP 10-15000-6, by the courtesy of the Ateliers d' ethnomusicologie

This group comes from the same qawwali tradition as the late world-famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, i.e. the Punjabi Ang (style). Although the party is still known by its founders name Mushtaq Ahmed Alias Santoo Khan, an accomplished qawwal of his time, but its present "Mohri" (leaders) are his son, Manzoor Hussain and grandson, Asif Ali Khan. The later is a "Gandaband Shagird" (acknowledged pupil) of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Asif Ali is quite young by qawwali standard but still has all the ability to move an audience. The group is able to convey the powerful rhythm that a good qawwali must have.

Asif Ali Khan (lead vocals), Sarafraz Hussain Shibli (harmonium & lead vocals), Fayyaz Hussain Bakhat (harmonium), Raz Ali (tabla),
(chorus) Raza Hussain, Nawaz Hussain Shah, Imtiaz Hussain Shibli, Omer Draz Hussain Aftab, Zahoor Ahmad, Yasser Nomann

The concert is organized by Ateliers d' ethnomusicologie with the support and collaboration of the Department of the cultural affairs of Geneva city, the Federal Department of Education of Geneva and Department of Culture and Development