Ecstasy and Trance: Festival of the Nights of the World at Geneva, Zurich and Neuchatel

This Sufi festival “L’Extase et La Transe: Festival Les Nuits Du Monde” is being organized from 24 September 2009 to 3 October 2009. The festival will showcase Sufi music, dance and cinema. A number of seminars on various aspects of Sufism will also be held during this period. Famous Pakistani Qawal Najmuddin Saifuddin and brothers will perform on the following dates:

  1. Geneva - 26 September 2009,
  2. Zurich – 1st October 2009,
  3. Neuchatel – 2nd October 2009.

Details on the program, tickets and reservations may be found on the website website or telephone 0041-22.919.0494