Calling long distance from Switzerland

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Swisscom and other telephone companies are often very expensive. Here we present some alternate options. Please note that this is only for your information. We are neither affiliated with or endorse any of the services presented here.

Telephone Cards
Telephone cards have been popular for years. Unfortunately, they have also remained dishonest for years. The brands change faster than seasons and tarifs as wells. Although they offer attractive tarifs such as 3 hours call to Pakistan for 10 CHF, you usually never get the entire three hours. There is a connection charge, voice quality is low and the phone cuts off every now and then costing you a connection charge every time. If you have a small amount left of credit left, you would simply be refused a connection. I have also noticed that their clock seems to run faster than mine. All in all, phone cards never give you the phone time or voice quality they promise.

Telephone Billing
A number of services are available now which allow you to by pass cards altogether. This is how it works.

  1. You visit the website and find the number and tarif for area your are calling
  2. Dial that number.
  3. A voice on the phone confirms the price listed on the web.
  4. When she is done talking dial the number you desire. e.g. 00 92 51 ...
  5. You would receive the bill by mail.

For 0900 and 0848 number, be sure to ask how much you service provider such as swisscom is charging you. This would be different based on your plan.

Following is a list of websites offering these services. They are all in german but you can translate them using

    • If you are asked for your credit card details for a better price, do not give it to them.

      All these services seem to be provided by one Dutch company, Solaris Systems B.V.

      Voice over IP
      VoIP services such as Skype, Yahoo! messenger and MSN messenger are the cheapest way to call long distance. If both sides have broadband, you can also stream video. Best of all, it is all completely free.

      If you wish to correct or add anything to this document, please leave your comments in the comments sections or email