Machine Readable Passport

Download Passport Application

Following is a quick check list of requirements:

  1. Original Valid CNIC/NICOP with photocopy
  2. Current Passport with photocopy
  3. Self-addressed stamped envelope (registered mail)
  4. Original Swiss Residence Permit or Swiss Passport with photocopy
  5. The fee (Non-Refundable) should be remitted to Account No. 235-412500.01H at UBS AG,Bern
    In case of online transfer
    IBAN CH12 0023 5235 4125 0001 H
    Account No. 235-412500.01 H
    Client No. 235-412500
    In case of post transfer
    IBAN CH12 0023 5235 4125 0001 H
    Konto/Account 80-2-2
  6. No cash payment will be accepted in any form
  7. In case of loss of passport, please attach a police report
  8. Applicant has to come to the Embassy in person

Passport Fee
(5 year validity, 36 Pages)
Normal Fee: CHF 62
Urgent Fee: CHF 162
Normal Fee for first loss: CHF 124
Urgent Fee for first loss: CHF 244
Normal Fee for second loss: CHF 248
Urgent Fee for second loss: CHF 488
Third loss: Case to be referred to Ministry of Interior.

(10 Year Validity, 36 Pages)
Normal: CHF 124 (36 pages, 10 years validity)
Urgent: CHF 224 (36 pages, 10 years validity)

Machine readable passports
In view of the ICAO deadline for non-acceptance of manual passports with effect from 30 September 2016, all Pakistanis living in Switzerland and Lichtenstein are advised to get their manual passports replaced with the Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience during or before travel. It is further informed that this Mission has started issuance of MRPs since August 2015.