Visa Application & Requirements

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Following is a quick check list of requirements:

  1. Passport
  2. Two recent passport size photographs
  3. Original Swiss resident permit with copy (Except Swiss nationals)
  4. Address in Swiss/Pakistan (in case of family visit)
  5. Self addressed stamped envelope
  6. The visa fee (Non-refundable) for Swiss national (Swiss Passport Holders only) is CHF 47/-. Kindly remit visa fee to Account No. 235-412500.01H At UBS Bank. Please attach copy of the payment with the visa application form (Cash is not accepted).
    In case of online transfer
    IBAN CH12 0023 5235 4125 0001 H
    Account No. 235-412500.01 H
    Client No. 235-412500
    In case of post transfer
    IBAN CH12 0023 5235 4125 0001 H
    Konto/Account 80-2-2
  7. Click to find visa fee structure. For further inquiries call 031 350 17 92
  8. Letter from the company for Business visa
  9. Invitation letter from Pakistan for Business visa with CNIC/Passport copy of invitee
  10. Flight confirmation (TENTATIVE)
  11. Applying for visa for children below the age of 18 years, Letter of Consent/No Objection Certificate is to be submitted by both the parents. In case child/children are travelling to Pakistan with single parent (Mother or Father), the letter of consent/NOC must be signed by both the parents at the Consular section.
  12. The special requirements for getting Visit Visa for Afghan Nationals are as follows:

    a) Proof of Family residing in Pakistan (e.g. Afghan registration cards of Family members etc) and full address where the applicant will stay during his visit

    b) Invitation letter in original on judicial paper from Pakistani sponsors resident in Pakistan confirming his/her antecedents and bearing full responsibility for the applicant’s stay and return from Pakistan.

    c) Copies of the Pakistani passport and CNIC/NICOP of the Pakistan sponsors

    d) In case the applicant is married to a Pakistani national, then instead of sponsorships, the applicant may provide the attested copies of “Nikah Nama” and CNIC/NICOP
  13. In case of family visa for foreign spouse, copy of family book/marriage certificate must be attached with the visa application.